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TJ Dillashaw Breakdown:
Together with the weigh-ins complete, TJ looks sharp and has shown himself well prepared for the 125lb division. On the toes he ought to have an important advantage over Cejudo. The length of TJ, combined with his unorthodox style, will let him land severe volume against the limited wrestler. Additionally leg kicks are a deadly option against the front hefty karate stance. Cejudo will be needing takedowns and important top control if he’s to acquire any rounds. Unfortunately for him, TJ has outstanding wrestling himself in addition to an arguably more dangerous grappling arsenal. His evasiveness should restrict Cejudo’s chances to take and on the ground he is going to be difficult to control for long periods. Overall the road to success appears slender for Cejudo whilst TJ is a proven finisher who conveys good aerobic and much superior volume to acquire over 5 rounds. The wager will be TJ Dillashaw to become the double champ!Rachael Ostovich Breakdown:
Both of these fighters have some flaws to their match but stylistically that is a winnable fight for the underdog. On the feet Vanzant is more pliable but likely faster with more volume. Ostovich includes a simpler style but neither fighter is likely to land considerable damage here. The strength and size of Ostovich will probably be a significant advantage on the ground where both women tend to bring the fight. Vanzant is tenacious but requires insecure choices and leaves a lot of openings for opponents. Ostovich can capitalise here and her exceptional control means she’ll spend much more time on top or in dominant positions. Anticipate a back and forth fight where we get excellent value about the underdog odds.
Bet = Ostovich at 2.35 (+135) odds. Risk 3 Units to win 4.05 Units.
Ariane Lipski Breakdown:
Lipski the”Violence Queen” is creating her debut after an impressive run as the KSW champion. Matching up using Calderwood she’s the benefit in many regions. The power and aggression of Lipski’s combos at the pocket will be overpowering for Calderwood who exceeds speed and head motion. This battle is most likely to play out on the toes but even on the mat it is Lipski with the far better skills. Calderwood is coming from a”blessed” entry win in a fight where she had been having a lot of trouble. Over her career she’s been know to struggle with adversity during fights and look for a way out. Lipski though looks to be very durable and fights with heart. In 24 years old she also will be showing substantial improvements between fights.
Bet = Lipski in 1.53 (-188) chances. Risk 5 Units to win 2.65 Units.
Alexander Hernandez Breakdown:
Cerrone is coming back down to 155lbs to get an unlikely matchup against a rising prospect. Hernandez brings a design that’s proven against Cowboy with his rapid start and constant pressure. Whether this fight goes the distance it will be Hernandez pushing the pace, holding Cerrone from the fence and procuring takedowns to impress the judges. Cowboys best way to victory is snatching a entry off his back but that is a small chance against a powerful wrestler. The energy, athleticism, childhood and style of Hernandez will be a lot for the veteran to handle with only 3 rounds to work with. Cerrone is generally a slow starter as well as the drop back to 155lb is unlikely to assist his durability problems.
Bet = Hernandez in 1.54 (-185) chances. Risk 4 Units to acquire 2.16 Units.
Dustin Ortiz Breakdown:
This is a rematch fight from the very first back in 2014, which Benavidez won via conclusion. Today it is Ortiz that has proven the most improvements in his game, now riding an impressive win series. Benavidez is still a top contender but does seem like he’s slightly declining in his current appearances. For example an underdog Ortiz has a few paths to victory. He will be at a disadvantage on the toes concerning quantity, but packs substantial power. Benavidez was wobbled consistently lately fights indicating his durability is evaporating. Furthermore the 34 year old will slow down later in the fight since Ortiz brings a relentless grinding speed. This should be a close fight that looks to be lined overly wide.
Bet = Ortiz in 3.05 (+205) chances. Risk 2 Units to acquire 4.1 Units.
Karl Roberson Breakdown:
Roberson is moving up as a late replacement to undertake the tough veteran Glover. On the toes the disparity is broad. Roberson is lightning fast and has powerful counters. Glover has slowed substantially to his later years and together with his durability fading his lack of head movement is apparent. Cory Anderson (Roberson’s training partner) is not known for his striking yet found enormous success himself on the toes in his final fight against Glover. The clear issue for Roberson is his grappling defence, but working with Anderson he must be advancing here as a young prospect. Glover may get some takedowns but if he does not get an early submission it will be tough to keep up with the younger, faster and more athletic Roberson. Furthermore if he can’t get it into the mat his choices seem bleak. As an underdog, Roberson seems a good bet.

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