Sacramento Kings

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Vegas Over/Under: 28.5

Fromal’s Record Projection: 28-54 The Bet: lean although Prevent under
If any over/under mark seems on the money, it’s the 1 place for the Sacramento Kings. But we will still lean ever so slightly toward the below, largely for reasons explained by’s Kevin Pelton as he chased the Western Convention bottom-feeders to win only 27.4 games:
“Despite incorporating veterans Vince Carter, George Hill and Zach Randolph as free agents, the Kings are projected as the league’s second-worst offensive attack by RPM. Even though this isn’t a part of the projection, few teams are going to have more incentive to boost their draft pick, as Sacramento will not possess its first-rounder in 2019 because of commerce.”
That incentive to tank is big, and it may not even be as impactful as the possible loss of Randolph. Explaining a scenario that may soon apply to the veteran power forward, Ronald Tillery wrote for The Commerical Appeal:”The league’s collective bargaining agreement with the players’ association says a player will be dismissed and disqualified from the NBA when he’s convicted of, or pleads guilty, no contest or nolo contendere to, a crime involving the felony supply of marijuana.”
Losing Randolph would thrust minutes on the Kings’ ever-expanding collection of inexperienced gamers. And that’s the subject of this roster, as management has done a praiseworthy job of establishing their coffers following the passing of DeMarcus Cousins.
That strategy simply will not turn into wins yet.

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